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Mead is commonly referred to as the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage. Each culture and age in time has had their own style of mead, whether it was the “ambrosia” of the Gods, “mjöð” of the Vikings, or “honeywine” of ancient England. Simply add honey to water, mix in a little yeast and voilà, you’ve created mead! Of course, nothing we do is simple, so make sure to check out our iterations of this ancient product!

AN-NA is a semi-sweet Melomel made from fresh NW raspberries and raspberry honey. The name is a derivative of our founders children Andre and Natalie. Over 1.5 lbs of raspberries per gallon ensures that this mead packs a fruity punch that has been described by some as 'a fruit explosion'. ‍‍ A light back sweetening with raspberry honey helps cut the tartness of the fruit and creates a more rounded mouth feel. Enjoy this mead chilled on a hot day, or heated on a cold day. Unlike wine there is no wrong way to enjoy mead, but it is always best enjoyed with a friend.


Style: Melomel

ABV: 12%

Sweetness: Se‍‍‍mi-Sweet

Honey: Raspberry Blossom

Bottled 4/1/17