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‍‍‍Our ‍‍‍Story

We would like to say that our mead is an old family recipe that was handed down by Irv and Millie… but we can’t. One day our son said, “if you want to make something, make mead!” So that is what we did. Irv and Millie are our namesakes due to their values that have brought us this far in our mead-making journey.

Family: Irv & Millie’s is a family-founded company that brings together only the best meadmakers and brewers to craft our product. Our partnerships are reminiscent of nostalgic community life, where each person contributes their skills and passions to bring a superior artisanal product to fruition. Just as neighbors would share a cup of sugar with another in need, we value our collaborations to bring forth craft meads and braggots that are truly unparalleled.

Tradition: Memories are seeped into each and every bottle that we produce. One sip of a sweet berry mead can transport you to a moment in time where family was gathered around the table for a slice of Grandma’s fresh-picked raspberry pie. A swig of braggot may be reminiscent of Vikings gathered around a rough-hewn table, gulping brews out of hollow horns. Whether you envision a moment from the past or are sharing a bottle with those close to you, the tradition of bringing everyone together continues to shape our product.

Legacy: Irv and Millie are just one generation in our family tree. The Rauch lineage settled in Oregon at the start of the 20th century with the founding of Starvation Farms in Lexington, Oregon. We are now taking the next step to add to our Pacific Northwest heritage with the founding of Irv & Millie’s Mead and Braggot. With each new flavor and release, we hope to conjure up the past in a fresh iteration; creating an experience of both old and new. By sharing a toast with you, we welcome you to our ever-growing family and legacy. Your stories will cross paths with ours, and will continue to influence our meads and braggots for years to come.